• General Orientation
  • Taoism
    [One-page simple summary from the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance.]
  • Taoism, or the Way
    [An academic introduction written by Judith A. Berling for Focus on Asian Studies, a publication of the Asia Society.]

    History and Canon
  • The Taoist Tradition: A Historical Outline
    [A short but informative academic paper by Russell Kirkland, a Professor of Religion at the University of Georgia.]
  • The Sinophilia Homepage
    [A general resource that includes information on the Taoist Canon.]
  • The Taoist Canon
    [An introduction by Professor David K. Jordan.]
  • The Taoist Canon: A Guide to Studies and Reference Works
    [Fabrizio Pregadio's scholarly guide provides useful information about the canon, its categories, and individual texts. The version of the Guide that is linked requires no Chinese language skills. If you are skilled in reading characters and have your browser set to represent them properly via Big5, you can select an alternative version of the files once you have connected to Dr. Pregadio's Chinese and Asian Studies site.]

    Images, Books, and Bibliographies
  • Recommended Reading
    [A basic list of recent books in English. Recommended for beginners, students, and others who want more detailed information and more advanced interpretation of Taoism.]

    Chinese History and Culture
  • Calabash Gate: In a Calabash, a Chinese Myth of Origins
    [An introduction and translation by Stephen L. Field. Requires patient attention.]
  • China
    [Web links and resources produced by sixth-grade students (ages 12 and 13 years) at Urbana Middle School in Illinois, USA as part of a Virtual Ancient Civilizations project in 1996-97.]
  • Classical Historiography for Chinese History
    [An extensive set of resources, some of them for advanced students, provided by Professor Benjamin A. Elman at the University of California at Los Angeles.]
  • Condensed China
    [Chinese History for Beginners, provided by Paul Frankenstein, is not a complete history of China, but is an very useful "greatest hits" or "Cliff's Notes" that is an excellent starting-point for the beginner or quick review for the old hand who happens to be forgetful. The information is divided into the following sections for easy access: Introduction, The Origins of Chinese Civilization, The Early Empire, The Second Empire, The Birth of Modern China, and Bibliography.]
  • Internet East Asian History Sourcebook
    [A large set of linked resources on China, its cultures and religions, in the context of its geographical setting.]







Taoism Information Page

... Taoism Information Page. ... Short Reviews of New Publications Relevant to Taoism [To Pregadio's Taoist Studies ~ To Religion Resources ~ To China Studies WWW VL] ...
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Taoism - Introductions to Taoism or Daoism

VL, Taoism Information Page. Introductions to Taoism or Daoism. General Orientation; Taoism http://www.religioustolerance.org/taoism ...
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TAOISM (aka Daoism). Western traditions. ... History of Taoism: Tao (pronounced "Dow") can be roughly translated into English as path, or the way. ...
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TAOISM. Taoism is not a religion, nor a philosophy. ... But the original source of Taoism is said to be the ancient I Ching, The Book Of Changes. ...
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Welcome to TrueTao.org / Taoism.net

TrueTao.org / Taoism.net Enter Web Site. Enter with Music Flash Intro.
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Taoism and the Philosophy of Tai Chi Chuan

Taoism and the Philosophy of Tai Chi Chuan. ... Ho Yen; Kuo Hsiang. Tai Chi & Taoism. [Books on Taoism] [Other Electronic Resources on Taoism]. ...
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Daoism Depot (Taoism Depot)

DAO Quote of the Moment. If you want to grab the world and run it I can see that you will not succeed. The world is a spiritual vessel ...
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Taoism Initiation Page - Online Resources for Home Study and ...

Provides teachings on Taoism, and related topics like tao, yin-yang, including Lao-tzu and the I-ching. ... Spirit and Sky Award. What is Taoism? ...
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Taoism, or the Way

Taoism, or the Way. ... There are as many meanings as there are vantage points." 2 The same could be said of the diverse tradition we call Taoism. ...
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... Taoism. All in one and one in all? ... In about the 6th century BC, under the influence of ideas credited to a man named Lao-tzu, Taoism became "the way" . ...
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